ACB Lifetime Membership

ACB began this program in 1985; however, MCB gave the first ACB Lifetime Membership Award in 1994.

The ACB Lifetime Membership award will be given to a deserving person whose efforts have resulted in a positive impact on the lives of blind and visually impaired persons.  Nominations for this award shall be sent to the MCB office by April 1st.  The Executive Committee will select the applicant for the award.

Award Recipients:
2014 – Eldon Cox
2012 – William Hawkins
2011 – Loretta Welch and Ida Scotti
2009 – Mildred Taylor
2008 – Linda Burris
2007 – Leroy Welch
2006 – Donna Ginger
2005 – Bill Burris
2004 – Jerry Annunzio
2003 – Bessie Reese