If you are a member of the Missouri Council of the Blind and would like to nominate someone for one of MCB’s awards, please mail your nomination to Missouri Council of the Blind, 5453 Chippewa St., St. Louis, MO 63109.
Or you may email the office at or send directly to the MCB President at

The deadline for the nominations is June 30, 2023. Along with the nominee’s name, please include the reason you are nominating this person for that award. The winners of the below awards will be announced at our annual convention in October. 

  • Nathaniel Johnson Award
  • Ellis M. Forshee Award
  • Darrell Lauer Award
  • Excellence in Media Award
  • Governor’s Award
  • Michael H. Keller Community Service Award

The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are charged with the selection of the recipients of all of these awards.

Criteria for Selection of Award Recipients:

  • The recipient of the Nathaniel Johnson Award may be either legally blind or sighted but shall be a member of MCB. The honoree shall be someone who has done outstanding work in his/her community, for his/her affiliate, or for MCB.
  • The recipient of the Ellis M. Forshee Award may be either legally blind or sighted.  The honoree shall be someone who has done something outstanding on the state or national level.  He/she shall be someone who works with the legally blind or with legislation for the legally blind.
  • The Darrell Lauer “Outstanding Leadership Award” will be presented from time to time, when deemed appropriate, to an outstanding member of the Missouri Council of the Blind who has shown qualities of exemplary leadership in the organization and in the community.
  • The Excellence in Media Award shall be presented from time to time to an individual or a media source that has shown outstanding promotion or news coverage to the Missouri Council of the Blind or to one of it’s affiliates.
  • The recipient of the Michael H. Keller Community Service Award must be an organization who serves cross disabilities.  The organization will be eligible for this award because the organization provides a service or services that enable individuals with disabilities to become more integrated into society through participating in activities within the community.

Give us a call if you have any questions or need additional information.

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